Dave Ruder

March 10th, 2016

Hi internet.  I just finished putting together an album of covers.  You can listen to it here and please do enjoy hurray hurray.

What else?  I’ve started playing solo guitar & voice sets again.  Something new to explore in the kind of slow & sparse direction.  thingNY & Varispeed & Panoply Lab are teaming up to do a test run of a Kenneth Gaburo piece next month, more on that in 2017.  Reps is playing April 3rd.  Gold Bolus has some great stuff coming out this spring.  Time & art move forward.  Stay tuned.


October 2nd, 2015

Welcome to Octubre. September was the mammoth month of Varispeed’s Perfect Lives Jersey City and thingNY’s This Takes Place Close By. Funny how this year has been a year of fewer shows but much more effort put into each show. A different way to exist as a musician. It so happens that in this new paradigm, there’s very little on my future calendar. I can tell you documentation from this month’s stuff exists, but what’s in the offing?

Well, Reps, a repetitive guitar-bass-keys-cello-drums group with me on guitar, which has played only one set in March, is due to return in November with more material. thingNY is gonna release an album early next year, and separately I’m currently writing six short pieces for us to play. Varispeed is talking about getting into Kenneth Gaburo. The recording of Robert Ashley’s Crash, with me as one of the six voices, is due out in the soon time. And Gold Bolus Recordings is flush with new material this Fall, and this stream of gems will continue through the spring. Stay tuned, good people!


August 4th, 2015

After eight years of having a very low-tech site, I’ve taken the plunge and updated to this cleaner format.  Most of the content from the old site is still here, but there’s been some winnowing.

One new things – some video evidence of my big piece The Gentleman Rests, presented at Roulette in March.  More audio & video to come soon!

The next big things are Perfect Lives Jersey City, performed by Varispeed on September 19th, and thingNY‘s This Takes Place Close By at the Knockdown Center in Queens, September 24-27th.