Other Recordings

I’ve got musical contributions on the following albums by other people/groups:


thingNY has been around since 2006, and I’ve been a member since 2011/12, but minis/Trajectories marks the first album of the groups that I’ve been on.  I’m playing clarinet & speaking on a few tracks, overall the album is music by group members Paul Pinto & Erin Rogers.  It’s available on CD & LP as well as digitally.


A show I played on clarinet a few years back at Issue Project Room was recorded and released as a couple tracks on Bill Baird’s conceptually compelling Summer Is Gone.


Robert Ashley’s Crash, released by Lovely Music in early 2016, features me as one of six vocalists. I performed in the premiere of Crash at the Whitney Museum in 2014 and a restaging at Roulette in 2015 (from which this recording is taken). It’s a real honor to be on this final album by my favorite composer.

Panoply Performance Laboratory’s Institute_Institut, released in 2014 on Gold Bolus Recordings, features me playing clarinet, guitar, and singing.

Anthony Braxton’s Alumni Orchestra (Wesleyan) 2005 features me playing clarinet alongside a host of stupendous musicians.

I played guitar, clarinet, and sang back up on Joe Sidney’s King of the First Date from 2017.

The tape Langenius: Son of Beethoven by Colin L features me and some other Wesleyan cats circa 2007.

The eponymous CD by The Monster Project from 2006 features me on clarinet.

Anthony Scuderi’s Silhouette Suite from 2011 also features me on clarinet.