Helado Negro and thingNY

photo by David Andrako

Raised by Gypsies, 10/24/17 – a review of my album Qualms Rectified

Brooklyn Rail Rail Tracks podcast, June 2017 – a conversation about Gold Bolus Recordings

New York Music Daily, 2/6/17 – a review of Super Bolus II

I Care If You Listen, 10/20/15 – a review of thingNY’s This Takes Place Close By

New York Music Daily, 9/25/15 – a review of thingNY’s This Takes Place Close By

NY1, 9/21/15 – a preview of thingNY’s This Takes Place Close By

Brooklyn Vegan, 2/20/15 – thingNY and Helado Negro collaboration at Merkin Hall

Sonic Bids, 6/27/14 – thoughtful piece by Jeff Tobias about our first concert as Florida Lucid Dreaming

WQXR blog, 5/14/12 – review of Cough Button’s To Scale

Press for Robert Ashley pieces I’ve taken part in:

Hyperallergic, April 21st, 2015 – Crash at Roulette


photo by Paula Court

New York Times, April 14th, 2014 – Crash at the Whitney Museum, “Mr. Ruder employed distinct hues of wistfulness.”

Tempo, April 2014 – an article by Varispeed on how we put together our versions of Perfect Lives

Arts Journal, 8/18/13 – review of Perfect Lives by composer Kyle Gann

Wall Street Journal, 8/12/13 – preview of Perfect Lives in the Catskills

NYTimes, 11/8/11 – review of Perfect Lives Manhattan, which I co-organized, arranged, and performed as part of Varispeed. “Dave Ruder, playing the preacher of ‘The Church’ at Trinity Lower East Side Lutheran Parish at 5 p.m., inflated Mr. Ashley’s seductive drawl…”

NYTimes, 11/23/11 – review of Robert Ashley’s That Morning Thing, which I performed in

Time Out New York, 10/21/11 – interview & discussion of Robert Ashley’s work featuring interview with me. “For multitalented musician Dave Ruder, who will be appearing in That Morning Thing, the Incubator series and Perfect Lives Manhattan, this way of collaborating has been essential to getting inside Ashley’s work…”

Press for dance pieces I’ve worked on:

New York Times, 2/28/14 – Kimberly Bartosik’s You are my heat and glare. “Ms. Bell and Mr. Ruder return with an accordion, each holding one end as they belt out a song about losing themselves in the wilderness.”


photo by Ian Douglas

Culturebot, 2/25/14 – a preview of Kimberly Bartosik’s You are my heat and glare

Time Out New York, 8/29/13 – preview of Dusan Tynek’s 10th Anniversary Season featuring sound design by me

NYTimes, 6/5/13 -review of Joanna Kotze’s it happened…, for which I composed the music