Theatrically driven oddball chamber group thingNY have counted me as member since 2011.  I’ve collaborated to make pieces like TIME: A Complete Explanation in 3 Parts and This Takes Place Close By.  We make pieces together, we write stuff for one another, we do it all (ie we can dunk).

photo by Anna Groth

Varispeed was formed in 2011 to perform Robert Ashley’s Perfect Lives (which we continue to perform), and since then we’ve explored pieces of Ashley’s, John Cage, Art Jarvinen, and Kenneth Gaburo.  We specialize in huge, durational, site-specific, experimental pieces, but we always make sure to give them our own spin.

photo by Matthew Pokoik

Reps is a band that finds good ideas and then insists on them. I play guitar and write some of the material. We started in 2015 and really rounded into form in early 2017. Our music has appeared on WFMU and has been described as “Rock Instrument Music”.  First album coming in 2018!

photo by Ivonne Paredes

photo by Ivonne Paredes

Why Lie?
Why Lie? = me & Aliza Simons.  We started making arty pop songs in 2010.  We put out a couple of albums on my label, Gold Bolus Recordings.

photo by Jesse Kleitman

Dave & Woody’s Chicken Slaughtering, LLC
Along with Woody Leslie, I’ve made a lot of different kinds of art that try to tell mostly pretty mundane stories in novel ways.  We’ve told stories behind tables in parks and subway stations, done some odd recordings, created live stage shows, and made a lot of digital images.  The link above will take you to our weird tumblr.


Some Other Groups I used to be in:

ellen o – Ellen O’Meara is a brilliant singer-songwriter who makes glorious synth pop on my label Gold Bolus, and I played clarinet and synth and sung in her band from 2014-15.

Cough Button – A collaborative effort with Lynn Levy & Aliza Simons to make performances, installations, and recordings that use transmissions in novel, revealing ways. 2011-12.

Sweat Lodge – Six folks who are determined to bring you remarkable & new music in any number of forms. Started in 2011, went strong into 2013, still lurking out there.

Performers Forum – Seeking, in the broadest possible terms, to be an open forum for musicans of all stripes. Convening in person about once a month in Brooklyn, NY. Begun 2011, wound down in 2013. May be back some day.

Gamelan Kusuma Laras – NYC’s premiere (and only) Javanese gamelan, in residence at the Indonesian Consulate. Rehearsing often but performing only once a season. I was a regular member 2009-2012, and I still try to go whenever I can.

Eidolon (aka ensemble one) – Eidolon was an improvising chamber group, an experimental big band led by Andrew Lafkas that rehearsed a ton and played out once a month from 2007 to 2009. I played clarinet, guitar, and we all wrote for the group.

Trouble – The improvising madness of Dave Kadden & myself. Woodwinds, electros, yelling, whatever. 2005-8.

Young Vandals – Two guitar improv from Jack Reilly & myself. 2007-8.

The Monster Project – A seven piece band that recreated monster movie soundtracks. I played clarinet 2005-6.