If you’re more of a visual person, here’s some notable things I’ve done that got filmed and posted online.

A performance of my piece The Gentleman Rests from October 2016

A section from my composition The Gentleman Rests from 2015

A couple songs played by me solo in March 2016

Varispeed performs Robert Ashley’s Perfect Lives in Manhattan in 2011

Varispeed performs Robert Ashley’s Perfect Lives in the Catskills in 2013

A realization of a Sol LeWitt Wall Drawing I’m working on with Abigail Levine, as seen in a work-in-progress showing in March 2015

Excerpts from thingNY’s This Takes Place Close By, 2013

The only performance of Cough Button’s To Scale (which I co-wrote), 2012

A video I made for a short piece called (It’s Just About) Time To Boogie

A weird little choral piece, written in 2007, performed in 2011

A solo performance from 2008

I still really like this rendition of a Chris White song with Chris & Rob Cohen from 2007