Why Lie?


Why Lie? live on the boundary between song, sound, and story. Aliza Simons (vocals, euphonium, synth) and Dave Ruder (vocals, guitar, clarinet) first came together in 2010 to play two chord songs and tell haunting stories over vamps. From their initial, sparser live sound, often focusing on horns and voices alone, Why Lie? has expanded to as many as eight players in an expansive chamber pop setting and features some of NYC’s finest experimental musicians.

They’ve made two albums, Osoitos (2014) and The Cities Who Walk (2011), both of which were release by Gold Bolus Recordings, and both of which you can listen to below & download here.

Further special treats: Why Lie? performing ULO in Prospect Park in November 2011, as recorded & altered by a fellow called Stephe.

Also, Why Lie? performing Werewolf Solution at a Sweat Lodge show in February 2013. Aliza & Dave alongside Cory, Matthew, Ellen, Joe, Ian, Amirtha.